Who We Are

Roanoke Sand and GravelRoanoke remains just one of a few sources on Long Island that produces sand and gravel materials that meet the most rigorous New York State Department of Transportation specifications and nationally recognized ASTM (American Society for Testing & Materials) independent standards.

The Barkers purchased Roanoke Sand and Gravel in 1984. In the years since, Roanoke has invested well over $8,000,000 in new high tech equipment and the latest in technology to maintain a state of the art and environmentally sensitive dredging and processing operation.

History of the Site
The site in Middle Island, NY has been continuously mined by a partnership of interests including the Barker family since the late 1940’s. The main product of this site used to be gravel which was originally processed with sand by a wash plant. The sand was then discarded and was considered to have very little value. The gravel supplied both concrete and asphalt plants which existed on the site. For many years the plant mostly distributed its products to the local area until the mid to late 70’s, when at the request of the NYSDOT for higher quality materials to make roads and bridges, they began to distribute around the Metropolitan area.
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