Councilwoman Connie Kepert Reviews Voluntary Truck Route Restrictions Adopted By
Roanoke Sand & Gravel With Jim Barker

Councilwoman Connie Kepert with Jim Barker
Photo Credit: Nancy Epstein

Roanoke Sand & Gravel, in recognition of community concerns regarding commercial truck traffic on Longwood Road in Middle Island has enacted voluntary commercial truck traffic routing and convened a recent meeting of State, County, Town officials involved in road design, use, and safety. Councilwoman Kepert and Jim Barker were joined by Wayne Ugolik, NYSDOT Director of Program Development & Management; Robert Bornholdt, Director of SCDPW Traffic Safety; Lynn Weyant Director and Paul Rogalle, Assistant Director of Town of Brookhaven Division of Traffic Safety; Sgt. Paul Hintze, 7th Precinct SCPD; and Debra Winter, Assistant Superintendent Longwood Central School District. Together, this team evaluated the variables that contribute to traffic conditions along Longwood Road, and set an action plan for collecting more data and as well as immediate measures to post and enforce local speed limits which should all facilitate commercial vehicle management.

From left to right Councilwoman Connie Kepert, Sgt Paul Hintze, Brookhaven
Traffic & Safety Director Lynn Weyant and Assistant Director Paul Rogalle,
Jim Barker and Robert Bornholdt, Director of SCDPW Traffic Safety

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