An Exciting Future

The exciting future of Roanoke Sand & Gravel is directly linked to the future of Long Island and the entire New York metropolitan region.  Pending and planned construction projects on Long Island and in the region are dependent on the high quality products offered by Roanoke.  These include projects comprising the approved New York State transportation Bond Act, as well as ongoing major transportation, building and water supply construction within New York City. Roanoke anticipates that its high quality sands will be part of the reconstruction of the former World Trade Center site in lower Manhattan.

The most immediate major projects are related to the approved Transportation Bond Act. Pending  detailed design work, reasonable estimates of aggregates and materials required to complete just those bond act projects on Long Island alone, will require an estimated 3.6 million tons of sand and gravel over the five-year construction period. When coupled with ongoing Federal, State, County and Town projects to maintain existing roads in our Long Island region, that estimate soars to 5 million tons.

The partners are excited about current projects and feel optimistic about the next generation of Roanoke Sand and Gravel. They plan on staying informed about current options available in the industry. Roanoke runs its operations with business development as a goal, but knows how important it is to keep product advancements, the environment and the surrounding community in mind for long-term success.

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