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In the spirit of community giving, Roanoke Sand & Gravel is reaching out to the broader Brookhaven community. The year 2008 was not much different than the years before in the generous spirit of Roanoke Sand & Gravel and the Barker family. As the year closed, Roanoke’s donations to charities here in Brookhaven Town and on Long Island serving local ministries, and meeting the needs of the poor both local and abroad totaled over $300,000.

Hope House Ministries (

Hope House Ministries provides hope, care and compassion to nearly 2,000 individuals in need each month and is comprised of eight different ministries. At the center of these ministries is the Community House which is a 30-bed home which provides a compassionate approach to crisis intervention and a residential community for homeless young people in need. Since 1980, the Community House has been a home for over 3,000 young people, primarily between the age of 16 and 23 years serving several hundred each year. Hope House and its services allow these young people to grow and develop personally with short and long term goals in a life-plan.

Frank Barker has served on the Hope House Advisory Board. In 1998, Frank Barker initiated The Breakfast Club, an alternative to typical fundraiser dinners. Under Frank Barker’s continuing leadership, the 2009 Breakfast Club event raised over $220,000 bringing the twelve-year total to over two million dollars raised for Hope House, making this fundraiser one of the most successful on Long Island. 

Christa House

James Barker, president of Roanoke Sand & Gravel was the 2005 Honoree at the Annual Christa House Gala, recognized for his generous contribution of time and financial resources, and his compassionate spirit. The Christa Award was presented to Jim Barker by his parents Frank and Dory Barker with a special introduction by the event co-chair, William K. Duffy, President and Business Manager, Local 138 Operating Engineers.

Christa House is a not-for-profit home for the dying poor, particularly those at end-stage AIDS, cancer or terminal illness. In the non-judgmental and compassionate spirit, the Christa House Community promotes holistic living for the residents as individuals and with others, and empowers the dying to live in peace, safety and dignity.

Mr. Barker and his family have been involved with the Christa House since its inception and initial planning in the 1990’s. Jim’s dad, Mr. Frank Barker, serves on the Board of Trustees of Christa House. Frank Barker and his wife Dory were honored by Christa House in 2003.

Middle Island - City on a Hill / Caring for Kids Daycare

In 2000, the Barker’s donated a three-acre parcel on Middle Country Road to Middle Island Christian Fellowship for its new church and childcare.   In addition, Roanoke contributed over $400,000 of in-kind services towards the construction of the new church and childcare center.  These new facilities were constructed in 2006. For over a decade, the Barker family has been active in City on a Hill outreach to the indigent of Brookhaven and the local community. They have actively raised and donated funds, which supports their ministries and quality childcare.  City on a Hill is the Barker’s “hometown” church in their workday community.

Mercy & Sharing Foundation (

The Mercy and Sharing Foundation have been working with Haiti, on the catastrophic issues they have been plagued with. Poverty, corruption, decaying infrastructure, dictatorships, military coups de etat and foreign military intervention are just a few of them.

It is the Mercy and Sharing Foundation’s goal to help alleviate the suffering in Haiti through donations and volunteer efforts and by bringing awareness to those in need. Roanoke’s generosity greatly benefits the people of Haiti by donating funds to help develop educational programs to combat illiteracy, provide medical facilities to heal the sick and the malnourished and social programs to create hope and the ethical treatment of the people they serve.

Feed My Sheep

Since 2000, Roanoke Sand & Gravel has also provided support for the Feed My Sheep congregation in Gordon Heights.  The staff routinely delivers holiday foods and baskets to the congregation for members in need.

Other Charities Supported by Roanoke

Philanthropy has a long history at Roanoke Sand & Gravel. Other charitable efforts include significant volunteer and fundraising activities for:

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